PM-RD02 (Remote Display)

PM-RD02 (Remote Display)

The ability to support a variety of network settings

It has RS232 and RS485 ports

It has a segment 7 display with a character height of 5 cm

Supply voltage 12 to 36 volts (220 volts if ordered)

It has a frame with IP68 degree of protection

The working temperature range is -30 ~ +75 degrees Celsius

RTU/ASCII Modbus support

18 Month guarantee
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PM-RD02 is a remote display that supports Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol and has the ability to connect to all types of HMI, PLC and computer, and also has the ability to connect to weight indicators.

remote displays are always used next to a main indicator and receive and display information from it. Secondary indicators often have larger dimensions than the main indicator. In fact, one of their uses is to display information in larger dimensions.

In addition to connecting to common market indicators such as ParsMega, Lamas, Kelly, Yahua, PM-RD02 has also provided the possibility to be used as a Modbus indicator, in this way it can be connected to all kinds of PLC, HMI and computer.

IP68 physical protection enables this indicator to work easily in all environmental conditions with high humidity and pollution.

Electrical Properties
Power supply 230 VAC
Display Properties
Display Yes
Display range -99999~999999
Display type 7Segment
key pad Yes
Physical Properties
Dimensions 28*16*6cm
Protection according IP68
Installation type Panel,walled
Type of wiring Connector
body material compact plastic
Serial Communication Properties
Serial communication Yes
Serial port type RS485
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Manual files