The Story of ParsMega's beginning

ParsMega Company started its activity in 2012 in the field of industrial automation equipment and electronic transmitters and is now one of the reliable manufacturers of industrial automation equipment in Iran. Pars Mega manufactures and markets a wide range of industrial automation products, including weight transmitters, weight indicators, digital and analog input and output modules, signal isolators, converters and more. In addition, the products of this company have been tested and approved by expert engineers of the country in various industrial applications.

Visions and Missions of ParsMega

The vision of Pars Mega company is to get the maximum market of Iran and supply its products to other neighbouring countries and the world. The company's products have always been satisfied by its customers with their quality at the level of world-renowned and reputable products, as well as competitive prices. We are proud to sell all kinds of products to various industrial companies in the fields of packaging machines, measuring and laboratory devices, cement, concrete, flour, food and a wide range of other industries. By continuing to provide high-quality automation products and services, we hope to fulfil our mission of enriching people's quality of life by providing new values.
The initial idea of ParsMega
The activity of ParsMega Engineering Group was initially started with the aim of providing electronics and industrial automation services. Carrying out various industrial automation projects in different fields and outsourced electronic projects are among the experiences of those years.
First product production
From the beginning of 2014, according to the expertise and experience of the group and market needs, research and design for the production of industrial automation products started. After several months of effort, the first product named PM-LT01 single channel weight transmitter was completed and ready to be presented.
Completion of weighing products
After satisfying the customers and ensuring the stability of PM-LT01, transmitters PM-LT01A, PM-LT02 and PM-LT02A were added to ParsMega's product portfolio.
Update, Production, Success
Reviewing and updating product design to increase quality and better use, which led to the production of PM-LT11T, PM-LT11A, PM-LT12, etc. transmitters. The design and production of new PM-AT13 analog converter and PM-LD01 weight indicator products and the approval of the knowledge-based products of ParsMega by the working group for the diagnosis and evaluation of knowledge-based companies and institutions was an important achievement for the company this year.
Attending the greats of Iran's industry
The company's first appearance at the 18th Tehran International Industry Exhibition this year was the official introduction of Parsmega as a promising industrial automation equipment manufacturer. The direct communication with the activists of this field and the familiarity of the experts with the company's products was one of the achievements of this exhibition.