PM-LTD11A (Weight Transmitter and Indicator)

PM-LTD11A (Weight Transmitter and Indicator)

Can be installed on a rail (Din Rail)

7Segment display with the ability to display various parameters

RS485 port

Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII protocol

Analog output 4~20mA and 0~10V

3 LED displays to show different statuses

18 Month guarantee
Manual files

The weight transmitter PM-LTD11A is the new generation of Pars Mega transmitters, which has a 24-bit ADC chip, like its previous generation (PM-LT11A), and has achieved an extraordinary resolution of 1:100,000. Also, with a new design in the analog output section and the use of a 16-bit DAC chip, the performance of this section has been significantly improved in terms of speed and accuracy.

But the most important feature of this model is having an indicator on it, which, in addition to the ability to display the weight, has created the ability to adjust and change all the parameters of the transmitter by using the 4 keys embedded next to it. This feature makes the device easy to use and makes it possible to perform operations such as calibration, adjusting the analog output easily.

Another advantage of PM-LTD11A is its digital inputs. These entries can be used for different users such as Tare, Zero, etc.

Also, if there is no need for analog output, the model without analog (PM-LTD11R) is recommended.

Technical Properties
Number of load cells 6
Load cells supply 5 VDC
Digital filter Avarage
a/d converter 24bit
Electrical Properties
Power supply 24 VDC
Display Properties
Display Yes
Display type 7Segment
key pad Yes
Physical Properties
Dimensions 100*114*46mm
Installation type Din Rail
Type of wiring Connector
Analog Output Properties
Analog output Yes
Analog output accuracy 0-10V; 0-5V; 0-20mA; 4-20mA
Analog output type 0-10V; 0-5V; 0-20mA; 4-20mA
Isolation isolated
Serial Communication Properties
Serial communication Yes
Number of serial ports 1
Serial port type RS485
Analog Input Properties
Analog input Yes
Analog input accuracy 3
Analog input type 0-10V; 0-5V; 0-20mA; 4-20mA
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Manual files