PM-LD01 (Weight Indicator)

PM-LD01 (Weight Indicator)

A load cell input with the possibility of parallelizing 6 load cells (400 ohms)

24-bit analog to digital converter

Wide range of RS485 baud rate (from 2400 to 230400)

Weight sampling frequency from 4.7 to 4800 Hz

Two rows of 7Segment displays with the ability to display various parameters

5 LED displays to show different statuses

18 Month guarantee
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Weight indicator or load cell indicator is used to display, transfer and convert weight. Pars Mega PM-LD01 weight indicator is one of the strongest and most accurate load cell displays with 24-bit ADC and 1:100,000 resolution. The use of two rows of displays makes it possible to easily set parameters (weight calibration, relay setpoints and input commands, etc.), as well as arbitrary values such as net weight, total weight, maximum weight (max detector), relay values, status Selected inputs and outputs and several other useful items to display.

The buttons on the indicator also have the ability to perform various commands (such as Start, Stop, break stone) in addition to setting the indicator. This possibility makes the indicator easier to use. It can also eliminate the need for you to connect the shasti to the inputs.

5 relay outputs, outputs with several programs and working modes with the possibility of receiving commands from indicator inputs are responsible for many weighing processes. Also, the relays of this weight indicator have been selected with a power of 5 amps.

The inputs of this indicator are designed to ensure operation and protection as optical isolation (Opto Isolation).

For easy use of digital inputs, a voltage output is considered in this model, so that the user does not need to use an external power source.

This weight indicator does not have an analog output. If you need an analog voltage or current output, we recommend the PM-LD01A model weight indicator.

Technical Properties
Number of load cells 6
Load cells supply 5 VDC
a/d converter 24bit
Digital filter Avarage
Electrical Properties
Power supply 230 VAC
Display Properties
Display Yes
Display range -99999-999999
Display type 7Segment
key pad Yes
Physical Properties
Dimensions 96*96*88
Protection according IP65
Installation type Panel
Type of wiring Screw
Digital Input Properties
Digital input Yes
Number of digital inputs 3
Digital Output Properties
Digital output Yes
Number of digital outputs 5
Serial Communication Properties
Serial communication Yes
Number of serial ports 1
Serial port type RS485
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Manual files